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We offer SEO optimization services for website pages, product pages for online stores, images, and text.

On-page SEO optimization: technical and content

We offer SEO optimization services for website pages, product pages for online shops, images, and text. The ultimate goal is for search engines to display your website among the top results from organic searches.

In the following, we will introduce you to a number of techniques and building blocks that help to ensure good page indexing. Submitting services is serious business, so we follow proven methods and show you the power of SEO optimization.

We’ll also brag about it. And we’ll say we do it all with professionalism and dedication. Because that’s exactly what we do.

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What exactly are we doing?

We follow over 150 criteria

These include key phrase density, meta title, meta description fields, paragraph length, canonical links, image names and image titles, text formatting, relevant link placement, page load speed, etc.

Build a keyword strategy

We build and adhere to a keyword strategy, developed with Google keyword planner, to show up organically through keywords in terms of relevant search volume for potential customers.

We monitor and act

We constantly monitor all metrics and use Google's best practice guide (Google blog link) to keep up to date with the rigors and changes of Google's algorithm.

We install and modify parameters

We install and modify essential website parameters for website optimization. We improve loading speed by compressing and shrinking (from programming) code, graphics, applied effects, and reducing SQL queries.

We monitor website content

We monitor and rewrite/refresh website content to avoid possible Google penalties for duplicate content.

We keep you updated with detailed reports on the progress of your website's optimization/indexing.

What tools do we use?

The tools we use for on-page SEO optimization are considered the world’s best in monitoring and implementation for all relevant elements of good SEO construction.

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