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No matter what your business is, a presentation website is your business card. Choose to have a professional website dedicated to attracting customers.

Web Design: presentation website

Design a presentation website for your business?

What’s the point of refreshing, changing or even creating a presentation website? If you’ve arrived here, we probably don’t need to answer these questions. Of course all your potential customers are on the internet. Whether they use a social network, subscribe to an online magazine or blog, post an ad on OLX or do a Google search. And you know it.

Think of your presentation website as a catalogue, a window display of your shop or a poster of a play. And yet, a presentation website is more than that.

With a presentation website you can communicate with both potential and existing customers. You can communicate your business values, differentiators and the latest news.

How do we create a presentation website?

Creating a presentation website from a web design perspective can be divided into 5 steps. By following this structure, we can build an effective and accurate presentation website.

1. Establishing the structure of the presentation site.

Starting with the menu and its structure, continuing with each page and correlating it with the image and specific features of each brand, we create a coherent structure for your presentation website.

2. Choosing the right layout for a presentation website.

Depending on the market your business is part of, depending on social, demographic and business- specific considerations, this step is very important because it is the intrinsic definition of what we call web design.

3. Implementing the site structure and chosen layout

One small step for any of our clients, one big step for our web design colleagues.

4. Optimizing content and structural elements from an SEO and UX perspective.

Important step to make your presentation website ready for organic searches and visitors. UX optimization - User Experience, in the case of a presentation website, is present in all steps, from structure to layout, but only in this step it is defined and adjusted down to the smallest details.

5. Making the presentation site alpha - bug & fix

We test the alpha version of the site, make sure everything is within the set parameters and launch the presentation site into the "Internet Universe" to receive visits and add value to our clients' business.

Step 0?

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